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What To Do & What Not To Do If You Have a House Fire in Belleville, IL

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A house fire can be an overwhelming and devastating experience. It can especially be a difficult situation when trying to figure out the right steps to make sure your Belleville, IL home is properly restored back to its original state, if possible. Below we have some general Do’s & Don’ts in order to make sure you have the right tools for when this happens.

Things to Do in a House Fire

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Document Everything: Make sure to keep track of every communication and conversation that you have with your contractor and your insurance company. Also, make sure that you have all aspects of your specific policy in writing, and that you are able to understand the coverage that you are entitled to. Make sure to be clear with your contractor and adjuster to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Take inventory: Preparing an inventory of your damaged property is a good idea. Make sure to include the quantity and description of everything. Doing this will be helpful when communicating with your contractors and insurance agency in order to make sure that all of your belongings are accounted for. Some items could still be salvageable about the house fire, while others may not. It all depends on the level of damage, which is why an inventory list will help simplify the process.

Hire a Professional: Hiring a professional mitigation contractor to assist in the process is a smart decision. This is because you may need help with securing your home and boarding it up before beginning the restoration process. Make sure to get some contractor recommendations and call around. This allows you to see who has the service you are looking for.

If You Need Help, Seek It: If you feel overwhelmed, or are unsure of a situation, make sure to reach out for help. In the industry, there are standards that must be met. A contractor that is professional knows about these standards and can help you navigate the process. This can even include the insurance claims process. Contacting a public adjustor could also become necessary if you feel that you are being treated unfairly by your insurance agency.

Things To Avoid

Don’t Wait to Get Started: Fire restoration may not have the same urgency as other types of restoration; however, you still do not want to delay getting started. Ensure that your home is safe, and the occupants are safe as well. After this make sure to call your insurance provider as soon as possible as well. The process of dealing with extensive house fire damage can be extensive, so you will want to get started quickly.

Don’t Downplay Your Belongings: Do not underreport your belongings to your insurance agency. When you are taking inventory of your home’s contents, make sure you are specific. Assuming that you have the appropriate coverage, everything in your home that was damaged will be either repaired or replaced. Being specific allows you to ensure that your contents are properly sorted into what is salvageable and what is not. Allowing for the non-salvageable items to be restored or replaced.

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Don’t Settle: Do not settle, and make sure you understand your policy. Understand that you are not required to use the specific contractor that your agency recommends. You also do not have to stay with the same contractor during the entire process. If your contractor is not providing you quality service, you can always move on to someone else. Your home is a big investment. It should be cared for in an appropriate manner and within the limits of your insurance policy.

If you have questions about how to restore your home after a house fire, make sure to give our team at Smoke Restoration Services a call today!



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