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What Are the Different Categories to Rate the Water Damage?

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We all understand that any type of water in or near your home will seek its own level, and will run towards the lowest area, and start to pool there until it is taken care of. Also, we are aware that the damage from a flood event can penetrate into a Sparta, IL home at any state, and at any time. Water damage can occur during severe weather, and if the conditions are right, it can occur when the weather is not as severe. Water damage can also be man-made and can come from a busted pipe or a leaking pipe.  Any time that there is a sewer line backup, flooded basement, water buildup, or burst pipe, property water damage will be a guarantee.

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Any time that there is water damage in your home, it is an emergency. If this damage is not remediated quickly, it can become a bigger issue by harboring microorganisms in your home. It is best to call the professionals to get this solved as soon as possible. These professionals will assess your residential or commercial property damage to determine the specific classification of damage that you are dealing with.

Water damage can be classified by the American National Standards Institute into three specific categories. These categories determine how much contamination would be present in the water, and that can show the amount of damage that will be caused by the water to the affected space.

Water Damage: Category 1

In this category, Category 1, is generally safe to be near or exposed to the water in this category, it usually has zero contamination associated with it. This category of water is not infectious and has no dangerous microorganisms. Also, it is not dangerous for the homeowner to drink, bathe, cook, or wash with this category of water. This water is considered to be clean, and there is no risk of obtaining a disease if you are exposed to it. Category 1 water is reserved for describing water resourced from rainwater, or from a sprinkler system.

Category 2

The water in Category 2 is identified as water that has the potential to be hazardous to human health. If a person is exposed to this category of water, the microorganisms in the water could be a threat to their health. This category of water is usually unsafe to drink and may come from resources that have been contaminated with chemicals or human wastes. Water in this category can also be referred to as “gray water”.

Water Damage Category 3

floor damage

Category 3 water is water that is compromised and is considered to usually be highly contaminated. This is often referred to as “Blackwater”. The water is overall unsafe and is hazardous to human health. This water can cause diseases to anyone that is exposed to live bacteria. The water in this category needs to be cleaned up by professionals since any contact with this water can pose a health risk to you and your family. This type of water comes from sewer overflows, flooded waterways, and pesticide-contaminated water, which can cause cancer.

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