What are the dangers of mold exposure to my Sparta, IL home?

Risk of Mold Exposure in Sparta IL

The Risks of Mold Exposure in Sparta IL

An unsightly and notoriously difficult to control fungus, mold can appear in homes and buildings where leaks, water damage, and high humidity occur. Even if you paint over it, scrape it off or replace a section of building material where mold grew, there is no guarantee that mold is gone for good. Learn why exposure to mold in Sparta, IL can be so dangerous.

The Trouble with Mold

Black Mold Exposure in Sparta IL
Mold spores are present everywhere. They only require some dampness to really become a problem, and dampness can come from anywhere. After a flood, following storm damage or near small plumbing leaks, mold can wreak havoc on your property and body. Here are a few of the dangers when exposed to mold:
  • Respiratory infections. Mold has been shown to cause repeated respiratory illnesses and infections in individuals exposed to moldy surfaces or air that contains mold spores.
  • Asthma complications. Adults and children with asthma have a particularly difficult time if repeatedly exposed to mold as it can lead to asthma attacks.
  • Allergic reactions. Some individuals experience redness and itching in response to touching surfaces that contain mold.
  • Like weeds, mold thrives in the right environment. It can quickly spread through the air and attach to damp areas of the wall, floor, building materials or clothes.

4 Mold Removal Tips

If attempting to remove mold yourself, you may have a long journey ahead. But, these mold removal tips will help you along the way.

Professional Removal after Mold Exposure in Sparta IL
  • Wear protective gear. Never touch mold with bare skin or breathe in mold spores, if avoidable. Prepare to remove mold by purchasing protective gear, including a face mask rated for mold, prior to getting started.
  • Eliminate sources of moisture before you start. There is no point in removing mold if the surrounding area remains damp and moist. Ensure all leaks are fixed and prevent spikes in humidity by controlling the air’s moisture levels.
  • Use a mold test kit. If you’re unsure if you’re dealing with mold or dirt, grab a mold test kit to be certain before investing time and energy in mold removal.
  • Use antimicrobial sprays to prevent mold from returning. Once the mold is removed, coat the area in an antimicrobial spray to prevent the reemergence of mold.

Get Help from a Professional Mold Remediation Service

The quickest, most effective way to rid your building of mold is to work with a professional mold remediation service. Water damage restoration services by Smoke Services Restoration is a trusted source for mold removal in Sparta, IL. Contact us online to schedule a consultation and get rid of mold for good.



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