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Smoke Can Cause Serious Damage in Randolph County

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Fires can be a very tragic accident that happens way too suddenly. Something that is a huge problem when it comes to a fire is smoke damage. Smoke damage can contain toxins that if infected can cause fatal problems with those that do. When there is a fire, small particles land on different surfaces and can fill your Randolph County, IL home with certain toxins. These are then what is known as smoke damage. These toxins like we stated are harmful to humans and pets alike. If you have just experienced a fire, and are wanting to keep yourself and your family safe, continue reading on.

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What Happens with Smoke Damage.

Open-air and ductwork will carry these toxic fumes throughout your home. Not only this but the fine particles will make their way inside dresser drawers and closed closets. They can travel away from the fire and settle in cooler areas such as behind blinds and drapes and even inside of your walls.

A Timeline for Damage

In minutes, smoke will settle into soot and will cause permanent discoloration of different materials, including plastics used in small appliances. This can be anything in your home that will easily be recognized. When hours go by, metal will start to then tarnish, including the insides of electronics and appliances. Clothing and painted walls will then be stained permanently. Major appliances and even bathroom fixtures will then turn yellow. Wooden flooring and/or furniture may need to be refinished or replaced once this happens. When it comes to than days after the fire, yellow staining and even smoke removal from carpet fibers may become impossible, and silver will become irreparably corroded and glass, crystal, and china will break as well.

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Protecting Yourself from Smoke Damage

If you have experienced a fire and are noticing smoke damage, protect yourself at all costs. The toxins in the air are very deadly especially if inhaled rapidly. Get your family out of the home as soon as possible to make sure that you all are safe. To make sure that your home is properly taken care of, call our team at Smoke Services Restoration for help. We will save what we can and get the job done as safely as possible.



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