• Quick Response is Vital for Collinsville Illinois Damage Restoration

    March 2, 2020 | Blog
  • The devastation caused by a fire can be hard to overcome. Once the fire is put out, what is left behind is smoke damage and soot covering everything. It can be quite an overwhelming scene, and you may wonder where, to begin with, the cleanup. Once you file an insurance claim, damage restoration is urgent.

    smoke damage restoration collinsville ilDamaging Soot

    Once the fire is extinguished, soot will begin to settle on everything, including furniture, clothing, walls, and any other exposed surface. Soot that covers porous surfaces will cause more damage and be more difficult to clean because such surfaces will absorb the soot leaving discoloration. However, with prompt cleaning efforts, experienced technicians can clear other surfaces of soot and prevent damage and discoloration.

    Harmful Smoke

    Smoke and fire damage affects every surface. After a fire, walls will be discolored, and clothes will become stained. The smell of smoke infiltrates every area of the property. Wooden surfaces will likely need to be refinished. Metal objects will begin to rust or corrode after a fire. However, if they are allowed to act quickly, the professionals at Smoke Services Restoration can prevent much of this fire and smoke damage. You’d be amazed at how quickly your property can be cleared of the damaging effects of smoke and fire.

    Prolonged Soot Exposure

    soot removal in collinsville ilIf Collinsville, Illinois damage restoration doesn’t take place quickly, items within the fire-damaged structure will have prolonged exposure to damaging soot. Once the soot settles and is left on objects, it can be almost impossible to clean. Once this happens, most items with soot will need to be discarded. This could mean your valuables and appliances, as well as clothing and furniture, would need to be thrown away. While you can replace most items that may have been damaged beyond repair, any sentimental items could also be thrown away if they have been exposed to soot for a long time. Those are things you will never be able to replace. Avoid these issues and the possibility of throwing away valuables and sentimental items by calling us for a quick Collinsville, Illinois damage restoration.

    A fire can happen at any time and catch you off guard. When faced with such a trying situation, you need professionals in your corner that will work hard to return your property to the way it was before the fire. Call Smoke Services Restoration for all your Collinsville, Illinois damage restoration needs.