• My home flooded in Granite City, IL: What are the health risks and safety hazards?

    April 23, 2019 | Blog
  • Hazards of a Flooded Home in Granite City, IL

    flooded home dangers in granite city il

    The expansive flatlands of Illinois offers residents of Granite City a beautiful nightly sunset and country-like atmosphere. This level landscape also makes the area susceptible to flooding. If you’ve been a victim of a flood, you will have a lot of cleanup to do to return to some semblance of normal. It is important to get rid of the water and silt before mold sets in or debris causes a safety hazard. There are many health risks associated with flooding as well. Here are just a few of the problems you might run into if your home has been flooded recently.

    Mold Exposure from Flooding

    mold in flooded home in granite city il

    Anything that gets wet from floodwater will develop mold if not dried and treated immediately. This includes furniture, clothing and carpet. Even short-term mold exposure can lead to respiratory distress and muscle fatigue. Over time, the mold can cause even greater problems like intestinal disease, depression, memory loss and immune system problems.

    Bacterial Infection during Flooding

    bacteria in flooded home water in granite city il

    Flooding brings water in from all over the Granite City area, including sewage and other unclean substances. Exposure to these can quickly lead to infection if you are exposed to it; it often requires strong antibiotics to treat major infections. Tetanus is very common after flooding, which leads to lockjaw if not quickly treated.

    Safety Hazards after Flooding

    flooded home hazards in granite city il

    When there is widespread flooding, debris is carried to locations all over the county. They not only serve as a falling hazard, they can cause road accidents or mishaps from taking over streets and yards. Even without a large amount of debris, individuals might find themselves exposed to oil or other corrosive substance due to spills or ruptured fuel tanks.

    This can also lead to illness or skin irritation. Upper respiratory and gastrointestinal distress are both common aftereffects of flooding that pulls objects through neighborhoods.

    If you are experiencing the effects of flooding in your home, chances are you cannot clean it up on your own. Calling on a professional cleaning service like Smoke Services Restoration will give you the peace of mind in knowing that dangerous substances will be cleaned up thoroughly and debris will be taken off safely. They can also complete water damage restoration and mold remediation to avoid future problems.