• Is Mold Growing on the Walls of My Waterloo, IL Home?

    July 22, 2019 | Blog
  • Don’t let mold endanger your home or business!

    Mold can be the cause of tremendous headaches – literally and figuratively — for homeowners in Waterloo, IL. Not only can mold compromise your home’s structural integrity over time, but it can cause a host of allergic reactions, including respiratory problems, nasal congestion, sore eyes, skin hives, and even depression. Allergic reactions from mold may range from mild to very severe, and they’re especially common in young children and seniors.

    While mold typically grows in spaces that aren’t easy to see or access, such as your air vents, the attic, or inside of your walls, there are a couple telltale signs to watch for.

    bad smells can indicate mold


    Mold has a distinct, musty smell, and oftentimes, this is what tips homeowners off to the fact that they have a mold problem. Even if you don’t see the mold, if you suspect that you smell it, it’s important to talk to a specialist right away.

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    Visual Signs of Mold Growth

    While it seems like actually seeing mold should clue you into a mold problem, the truth is that a lot of homeowners ignore small amounts of mold, often assuming that it’s just a few specs of dirt or soot. However, even a small amount of mold should never be ignored. First of all, the presence of any mold at all means that the conditions are right for mold growth, and unless the problem is dealt with properly, the mold is likely to return. Second, that small trace of mold could be indicative of a large mold colony that is hidden from view.

    Not all mold looks the same, and for the untrained eye, mold can be difficult to identify. Some mold is white and looks like threads. Other mold looks like clusters of black dots. It can also be a grayish green or grayish brown color, and mold that grows on vinyl can even be orange, pink, or purple. If you think that you see mold, you shouldn’t try to take care of the problem yourself. Unless you’re a trained expert, it’s impossible to know whether you’ve gotten rid of all the mold or if you’ve ensured that the environment will no longer promote mold growth.

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