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How to Protect Water Damage at Your O’Fallon, IL Home

Water Damage

Follow These Tips to Help Prevent Water Damage in Your O’Fallon, IL Home

Water damage happens all the time, whether it’s from a busted pipe or a leak in the roof. Preventing this from occurring in the first place is crucial to making sure you don’t have a serious problem later on. If you’re looking for ways to keep your O’Fallon, IL, home safe from water damage, check out some of these tips.

Plant Carefully

Although you may not think about it when you’re planting beautiful trees throughout your yard, some trees can cause pretty major problems when it comes to water damage. Certain types of trees are well known for their invasive roots, which can creep into your plumbing, damage pipes and cause tons of plumbing problems. If you do plan on planting trees in your yard—especially trees with invasive roots—make sure you know where your water lines are so you don’t damage anything.

Watch Your Bill

While most people keep a pretty close eye on their water bill to make sure it’s not unusually high at any point, it’s not uncommon to think of a higher water bill as the simple result of you wasting water. The truth is, an unusually high water bill might be a sign that you have a leak somewhere. If your water bill is a bit too high with no explanation, you might want to have your plumbing inspected for a leak.

Treat Your Drains Right

Chances are you know there are some things you shouldn’t pour down your drain, such as grease, but did you know Drano is on that list? Drain cleaners like these contain harmful chemicals that can damage your pipes and lead to further problems. The best way to unclog a drain is to remove the clog physically or use an enzyme- or bacteria-based drain cleaner to remove the clog. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t pour harmful chemicals or fatty oils down your drain, as both of these can cause problems.
Drain Water Damage

Just in Case

Water damage prevention is the key to making sure you don’t have to deal with a hefty restoration bill, but unfortunately things still happen. If you have water damage in your O’Fallon, IL, home, call Smoke Services Restoration to get your problem fixed and repair any damage. We have the experience necessary to deal with all types of water damage.



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