How Can Smoke Damage Affect My Edwardsville, Illinois Home?

Smoke Damage Edwardsville Illinois

A fire can break out at any time and have devastating results. Once the flames are out, you have smoke and soot damage that will leave you overwhelmed and wondering where to turn. If you’re dealing with smoke damage, it’s crucial to take action right away to mitigate the damage that smoke causes. If you’re Edwardsville, IL home has smoke damage you’ll need professional damage restoration services.

Smoke Damage

Smoke Damage Stains Edwardsville IL

Smoke will infiltrate everything in your home. It gets in the walls, infiltrates upholstered surfaces such as furniture, gets in clothing, and everything that was exposed. It’s possible to save a lot of your belongings by addressing the damage right away and begin the restoration process. Your first thought might be to throw everything away, but you’d be surprised at what you’ll be able to save by acting quickly.

Odor Control

Your home is going to smell like smoke after a fire. It is a strong smell that isn’t easily removed. The professionals at Smoke Services Restoration will ventilate your home and perform a deep cleaning to get the smell of smoke out of your belongings and out of your home. All solid surfaces will have to be scrubbed. We’ll clean upholstered surfaces, and we can even save clothing and sentimental items.

Smoke Damage

With smoke comes soot. This black substance will coat everything in your home. It is essential to act quickly to rid your home and belongings of this thick, black substance. The longer it is allowed to stay on surfaces, the more difficult it is to clean it. If left too long, it will be impossible to salvage anything, which means you’ll have to throw away your possessions, including furniture, clothing, and even appliances. Soot causes home damage because it will cause discolored walls. Porous surfaces can be difficult to save from soot because the soot infiltrates porous surfaces leading to discoloration that can’t be corrected. Prompt attention is needed when it comes to soot removal to salvage as many items as possible.
Soot Removal Edwardsville Illinois

Even though home damage due to a fire is difficult to overcome, it is possible. There’s a good chance that with our damage restoration services, we’ll be able to save most of the items within your home and mitigate the smoke damage caused by the fire. If you need damage restoration, then look no further than Smoke Services Restoration.



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