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Holiday Safety Tips for Hanging Lights in Alton Illinois

Holiday Safety Tips for Hanging Lights in Alton Illinois

Tips for Hanging Lights for the Holidays in Alton Illinois

The holiday season is a joyful time full of fun and happiness, but those festive lights also come with hidden dangers, including an increased risk of house fires. When you’re decorating your Alton, Illinois house for the holidays, keep these light safety tips in mind.

Watch Out for Bad Lights

Holiday Safety Tips Alton Illinois

Make sure that all of your strands of lights are in good condition and appropriately rated for your planned use. There shouldn’t be any visible fraying or damage to the cords, and you should only use lights that have been tested by Underwriters Laboratory, or UL. Make sure outdoor lights have a red UL tag. Indoor-only lights have a green UL symbol. If you’re not sure whether an old strand has the appropriate UL rating, it’s safer to buy new lights.

Keep Your Tree Fire-Safe

Christmas trees can be a major fire hazard since lights and other heat sources are often in close contact with them. If you have a real tree, make sure you check the water levels in the base frequently to ensure it stays hydrated and fresh. If you go the artificial route, be sure to choose a fire-resistant tree. Keep your tree away from radiators, space heaters, and other heat sources.

Stay Safe During Outdoor Installation

As you hang lights around the outside of your home, make sure to keep your ladder and your decorations a safe distance away from overhead power cords. Never nail through a string of lights. For added electrical safety, use insulated hangers or clips to reduce the risk of fire if the cord frays due to wear and tear.

Power Down When You’re Not Home

As lovely as it is to come home to see your Christmas lights twinkling in the night, it can also be dangerous. If there is a short or other unexpected events, it can cause a fire that you would have been able to put out if you were there. Always turn off your holiday lights before you leave or go to bed.
Outdoor Holiday Safety Tips Alton Illinois

Be Careful With Cords

A well-decorated house often requires a lot of extension cords, and those can come with their own hazards. Make sure your extension cords are properly rated for the conditions. Never kink, crimp or twist cords, and never overload your sockets. Try to keep your cords placed along walls or under rugs to minimize trip hazards.

Christmas lights are a treasured tradition, but they can cause burns, injuries, and house fires. Following these light safety tips will help ensure you have a joyful holiday season.



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