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Fire Restoration Services in Belleville, IL

House Fire

One of the worst feelings in the world is having to deal with the aftermath of a fire. Seeing your home or building charred with ashes and soot along with the water damage from fighting the fire, is a terrible sight to see. There are, however, fire restoration services available to you to help get your Belleville, IL home back on its feet after a fire.

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Initial Assessment and Actions

The very fits thing that any restoration professional will do is visit the property to take a full assessment of the damages. This is a necessary procedure for insurance purposes. During the set-up process to start the restoration, professionals will board up the building and/or tarp the roof to prevent more damage or unwanted visitors from showing up.

The Restoration Process

When there is water damage on the property, restoration companies will pump out the moisture and air on the structure. They have fans and heaters that are designed for this purpose as well. Removing the moister from the structure is important since, if not taken care of, can cause mold growth. The next important thing to clean up is all the smoke and soot. Restoration experts use advanced equipment and cleaning products to restore the inside of the home. Sand and refinishing may need to be applied to surfaces damaged beyond simple repair. Getting the smoke odor out is also an important step. Ozone deodorization and/or dry or wet fogging are used to help get the odor out. Rebuilding can commence once burned walls, floors, and other structural comments are removed.

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Fire Restoration Services

If you are looking for a fire restoration company after your Belleville, IL building or home was ravaged by a fire, give our team of professionals over at Smoke Service Restoration a call today and we can assist you in returning your home to normal.



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