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Commercial Fire & Smoke Restoration in Belleville Illinois

Commercial Fire Damage in Belleville IL

What you Need to Know About Commercial Fire & Smoke Restoration in Belleville Illinois

While every fire is a devastating event, a commercial fire can add a lot of complications. Besides the damage to the property, the livelihood of every person who works there, including you, is threatened. Your customers are affected, too, which could hinder your business when you open back up.

Because commercial properties need to get up and running again as soon as possible, it is important to find the right commercial damage restoration company to take care of your problems quickly and efficiently. You need to find one that has the experience, so you know they can handle the job.

Burning Building in Thick Smoke

Plus, a commercial damage restoration in Belleville, IL, must be very thorough, so your building will be up to code. So, what happens during commercial fire damage and smoke damage restoration?

The Process for Commercial Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

When you need professional smoke and fire damage restoration, it helps to know what’s going to happen. Many companies provide 24-hour service, which is what you need.

When your commercial damage restoration team arrives, they will follow these necessary steps:

Commercial Fire Assessment & Estimate

The first thing your fire damage professionals will do is assess your property. This helps them get a better picture of the extent of your fire and smoke damage. After thoroughly inspecting your property, you will get an estimate for the commercial damage restoration services you will need.


Property damage varies in each situation. Mitigation might be needed to keep your property damage from continuing to spread.

Commercial Fire Clean-up

Commercial Fire Clean-Up

During this phase, the affected area will be thoroughly cleaned. Using advanced equipment designed for restoration, the team of professionals will clean all the dust, soot, and smoke from your property’s surfaces. Plus, they will also get rid of the standing water left by the fire department.

This is a very thorough part of the commercial damage restoration process. The success of your restoration depends on proper preparation. Everything must be cleaned completely before the restoration phase begins.


When your team reaches this phase, they will repair or restore any building materials or items that sustained smoke and fire damage. They will take care of your carpet, floorboards, cabinets, wallpaper, and more, so your business can get back to business.

Now that you know what to expect, the whole smoke and fire damage restoration process should seem a little less intimidating. With the right professional behind your work, your business will be open again soon, for you, your employees, and your customers.



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