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Certain Things that you Should Do if Your Monroe County, IL Starts Flooding


Something that unfortunately happens when it downpours in Monroe County, IL is that due to different circumstances, it might just so happen to flood into your own home. Once your basement does flood, there isn’t much that you can do afterward. With that being said though, did you know that there were ways to prevent your basement from flooding? If you didn’t, and want to make sure that you are keeping the best precautions so that you don’t end up walking down the steps to your unneeded swimming pool, then continue reading on.

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Checking Your Foundation for Cracks

One of the first things that you can do, especially coming towards the spring weather and rainy season, you may want to check your home’s foundation from the inside and the outside for any unneeded cracks. If you do notice small cracks, you can use caulk to seal them. If the cracks however are extensive, you will need the help of a professional to fix them before they do cause any damage to your basement.

Cleaning Your Gutters to Prevent Flooding

Cleaning your gutters on your rooftop will ensure that they don’t overflow during any rainstorm. The Dow sprouts do carry the water away from your home and if they aren’t clear of any debris, the water might flow into your home’s basement.

Check the Grading

If the ground doesn’t slope away from your said home, the rainwater however may drain near your foundation. It can also even flow into your basement, this will then cause significant damage. With this in mind, you should then re-grade the ground if it doesn’t slope away from your home.

Install a Sump Pump and Maintain it to Prevent Flooding

If you are wanting to ensure that your basement does not flood, you need to install a sump pump but also make sure that you are maintaining it. Sump pumps collect excess water and pump it outside before it does cause flooding. It is very essential to keep your sump pump well-maintained and operational, especially during the rainy season.

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With these facts in mind, there are some chances that you can still have your basement flooded. However, by doing these certain steps, you are able to try and at least prevent your basement from flooding. With these steps in mind, you can have a little bit of ease of mind during the rainy seasons. By doing these steps, you will be happy to have not only a dry basement but one that you know won’t get completely covered in water.

If you are in need of preventative maintenance to make sure your basement doesn’t begin flooding, give our team at Smoke Services Restoration a call today!



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