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Belleville, IL Duct Cleaning: When, How, & Why

Duct Cleaning in Belleville IL

Everything You Need to Know about Duct Cleaning in Belleville, Illinois

Duct Cleaning for Dirty Vents in Belleville Illinois

The ducts in your home are like the veins of your HVAC system. Heated or cooled air travels through the ductwork and is dispersed throughout your home. When your ducts are cleaned frequently, your home functions like a well-oiled machine, but what happens when your ducts get dirty?

Here’s a brief explanation of why it’s important to schedule air duct cleaning in Belleville, IL, how often it should be done, and how to have it done correctly.

What Happens When Ducts Aren’t Cleaned?

Here’s why you should consider regular duct cleaning: when they aren’t, your indoor air quality can get worse and worse, causing significant health issues like allergies and asthma.

Here are some signs that can show you that it’s time to have your ductwork cleaned by a professional duct cleaning company:

  • Water damage and mildew in the air ducts
  • A buildup of dust, dirt, or other debris that restricts proper airflow
  • Evidence of an insect or rodent infestation, including fecal matter and offensive odors
  • New and worsening allergies or asthma in you or other members of your household

If you have older, fiberglass air ducts, they’ll need to be cleaned more often or replaced because they aren’t as effective as metal ductwork

Dirty air ducts in your home can cause health issues, as mentioned, as well as affect the efficiency of your HVAC system. Running your HVAC through ducts that need to be cleaned has the potential to shorten the life of your system considerably.

When Should You Have Your Ducts Cleaned?

There’s no set schedule regarding how often you should consider professional duct cleaning because the signs are usually fairly evident. If you notice any of the above signs, you should be on the side of safety and have your air ducts cleaned. If you move into a new house with no record of the last cleaning, you should consider getting an inspection to ensure optimal air quality.

How is Air Duct Cleaning Performed?

When you call a professional HVAC company for air duct cleaning, a technician will use access points to reach the ducts and clean the ducts, find the source of dirty air, and clean other components of your system.

You should not be in the home during duct cleaning because of the dust and allergens that are stirred up in the process, temporarily decreasing indoor air quality.

Professional Duct Cleaning in Belleville Illinois



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